Philips SDW5202O/17 6 Feet Quad Shield Data Transfer Cable – 1 x F Connector, Male/Male – Copper

Enjoy premium picture quality with virtually no signal loss. The SDW5202O connects satellite, antenna and digital cable sources to components. Transferring the signal at a far greater speed than standard coaxial cable minimizes signal loss, so you enjoy optimum picture quality and data transfer. Pliable PVC sheathing surrounds the cable, protecting it from wear and tear and ensuring long term durability.Price:  $    Read More and Buy it here!

Cellboost SG1 Disposable Battery for Samsung Phones

Cellboost is the first and only compact disposable battery charger for cell phones. Created by Compact Power Systems, the Cellboost battery charger enables cell phone users to recharge their cell phones instantly, providing approximately 60 minutes of talk time 60 hours of standby time, while simultaneously charging your phone. Cellboost is a lightweight pocket size 1.2 ounces battery charger that plugs into the charging port of your phone when electricity is not available, or when there is no time to wait for conventional battery to do the job. No cords no maintenance, no hassles. Cellboost is a breakthrough product, allowing cell phone users to maintain phone power anywhere in the world, any time they need it, and provides instant battery power The SG1 model is designed for the following Samsung SCH A220, SCH A310, SCH A530, SCH A610, SCH N370, SGH E105, SGH E700, SGH E715, SGH N625, SGH N635, SGH R225, SGH R225M, SGH S307, SGH V205, SGH V206, SGH X105, SGH X426, SGH X427, SGH X600, SPH A540, SPH A600, SPH A620 VGA1000, SPH A660 VI660 phones.Price:  $    Read More and Buy it here!