UV Shield SPF 45

Product Overview:

EltaMD UV Shield SPF 45 is a broad spectrum sunscreen that provides full protection from UVA and UVB rays. It’s a great daily sunscreen that features a cosmetically elegant formula that absorbs into the skin quickly and can be work under makeup. EltaMD UV Shield SPF 45 features a lightweight formula making it ideal for individuals with oily or acne prone skin.

EltaMD UV Shield Notes:

Oil-free, lightweight formula

Full UVA and UVB protection

Ideal for oily and acne prone skin types

Absorbs quickly

Paraben, fragrance, paba, and sensitivity free

Safe for all skin types

Added antioxidants neutralize free radicals to prevent sun damage

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Focus Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus 8-Box Contact Lenses

Focus Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus lenses from Ciba Vision are the first lenses with the unique Triple-Action Moisture Technology for perfect moisturising throughout the whole day.Triple-Action means lubrication, moisturising and refreshment. These lenses lubricate in the morning, moisturise throughout the day and refresh every time you blink. Comfort until the end of the day.If you have ever had problems with dry eyes, try Focus Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus contact lenses and feel the ever refreshing difference.Price:  $    Read More and Buy it here!

A Doll’s House

One of the best-known, most frequently performed of modern plays, A Doll’s House richly displays the genius with which Henrik Ibsen pioneered modern, realistic prose drama. In the central character of Nora, Ibsen epitomized the human struggle against the humiliating constraints of social conformity. Nora’s ultimate rejection of a smothering marriage and life in a doll’s house shocked theatergoers of the late 1800s and opened new horizons for playwrights and their audiences.But daring social themes are only one aspect of Ibsen’s power as a dramatist. A Doll’s House shows as well his gifts for creating realistic dialogue, a suspenseful flow of events and, above all, psychologically penetrating characterizations that make the struggles of his dramatic personages utterly convincing. Here is a deeply absorbing play as readable as it is eminently playable, reprinted from an authoritative translation.A selection of the Common Core State Standards Initiative.Price:  $    Read More and Buy it here!

Mermaid Swim Tail – Hot Pink – Size 9-10

Affordable mermaid costumes are made with high quality swimsuit material. They include a flexible plastic fin with soft elastic foot straps and are perfect for swimming! They can be used in the pool on land as a costume! A monofin is not needed. Please only wear with a life jacket and with adult supervision. Fabric: 89% Polyester 11% Spandex PLEASE REMOVE the fin for walking but slide it on for fantastic swimming! Put it on right next to the pool to avoid scratching the costume on the hard ground. Warning: To reduce the risk of death by drowning the Affordable mermaid costume must be worn with a life jacket at all times. To reduce the risk of falling put the costume on at the edge of the pool by sliding feet into the foot straps then pull up the costume. Always use with adult supervision. Handling care: Remove fin by folding and pulling out. If the costume smells mil-dewy Machine wash cold inside out. Hang dry. Do not use fabric softeners bleach or iron. To avoid costume wear: Do not scrape mermaid costume across the cement by the pool. Put it on at the edge of the pool then swim.


Size 5/6: Waist measurement around is 19-27 inches 28 inches length (Measure from hips to ankles) ankle opening 7 inches

Size 7/8: Waist measurement around is 23-29 inches 30 inches length (Measure from hips to ankles) ankle opening 7 inches

Size 9/10: Waist measurement around is 23-31 inches 32 inches length (Measure from hips to ankles) ankle opening 7 inches

Size 11-16: Waist measurement around is 24-36 inches 36 1/4 inches length (Measure from hips to ankles) ankle opening 7 3/8 inches. This size fits 11 year olds and also stretches comfortably to fit a 5′ 9 adult 150 lbs that wears women’s size 9-10 pants.

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Marvel Select Juggernaut Action Figure

Nothing stops the Juggernaut! Pick up this Marvel Select Action Figure and he’s sure to be the star of your collection. His massive size is impressive compared to figures of scale, and he absolutely dwarfs 3.75″ figures. Fully articulated you can pose him in any number of scenarios. We officially suggest mounting him plowing through some drywall!Price:  $    Read More and Buy it here!